What we do...

We harvest salmon


We use set gillnets to harvest our salmon.  These 10 to 75 fathom nets (1 fathom = 6 feet)

 are deployed from a 20ft. skiff, with one end anchored, or "set", on shore.  We fish weekly "openers" of 24-60 hours, determined by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  Our fish are hand picked from the net, then bled and iced on board until delivery.

We buy salmon


Our Alaska Fisheries Buyers Bond permits us to purchase seafood from other harvesters.  In this capacity we act as a liaison for like-mined harvesters to share their modest, yet invaluable contribution to our collective stewardship of this precious resource.  They value quality and conservation.  It is their livelihood. 

We process and package salmon


Our Yakutat based processing plant provides another crucial step to ensuring the highest quality salmon possible.  Fully HACCP certified, our FDA/ADEC permitted plant gives us the ability to fill weekly custom orders of hand processed "artisan salmon"  not available from most large plants.  We choose quality over quantity.

We ship and deliver salmon


As a full service enterprise, Mystic Salmon has warm blooded humans taking personalized orders on a weekly basis.  We arrange all shipping and delivery to your door, as well as tracking.  Timely delivery means the freshest salmon for your table.

We connect people with salmon


We began Mystic Salmon with the simple desire to bring amazing Alaskan salmon to those who couldn't otherwise get access.  Making those connections has evolved into diverse relationships with a common theme.  We all value connection to our natural world. 

We advocate for all things Wild Salmon


Alaskan salmon are one of the last sustainably managed wild fisheries on the planet.  We cannot recreate this in a petri dish.  We continue to expand our outreach with all stakeholders, to grow awareness and appreciation for this model.