Yakutat District


The Yakutat commercial fishing district extends from Cape Fairweather northwest to Cape Suckling, over 150 miles of remote coastline.  This vast district includes dozens of salmon rivers and streams and tide water glaciers, surrounded by the immense Wrangell-St. Elias Range.  This range includes 9 of the 12 highest peaks in North America.

Yakutat Bay and Situk River


Yakutat Bay and the Situk/Ahrnklin estuary are fishing grounds accessible by road from the village of Yakutat.  In addition to hosting myriad seafood species, Yakutat Bay is also famous for terminating at the face of Hubbard Glacier, the world's largest tidewater glacier.  The Situk River is noteworthy for producing a tremendous amount of salmon, including all five Pacific species, from a relatively modest  river.  A destination for fishermen throughout the ages.



Dry Bay and the Alsek River

Dry Bay and the Alsek River are approximately 50 miles downcoast (southeast) of Yakutat.  Accessible  by water or air, this area resides primarily within the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve.  From its start in Canada's Yukon, the Alsek River flows over 240 miles to the Pacific Ocean on Alaska's outer coast.  The Alsek is a fast moving, glacial fed river that produces exceptionally robust fatty salmon.