When is it Happening?


When do those fish run?

The summer set-net salmon season in the Yakutat District begins the first week of June and continues with weekly "openers" until mid-October. 

Which fish was that?

Chinook (King) are the largest of the salmon, prized for their size (15-50 lbs), firm flesh and rich flavor.  Chinook is also highest in Omega -3 oils.  Summer Kings are available May through July.

Sockeye (Red) salmon are well known for their vibrant red flesh and delicate flavor. Sockeye is considered by many to be the finest salmon.  It is also highly prized as a premium sashimi fish.  They average 5-7 lbs each and are available June through mid-August.

Coho (Silver) are the most athletic of the salmon. They weigh in at a robust 8- 20 lbs, with firm orange flesh and excellent all-around flavor. Coho are available August through October.

Got any other fish?

At Mystic Salmon we focus primarily on ...Salmon, although we may at times have other species swim by.  The Yakutat District is rich with Halibut, Rockfish, Sablefish, Ling Cod, Spot Prawn, Octopus, and Scallops.   Please inquire throughout the season, regarding the current availability.