Who are these guys?

Shannon and David Negus

A compelling desire to become card-carrying warriors for the Salmon Nation led us to Yakutat, Alaska 17 years ago.  In 2004 we began delivering our catch directly to restaurants and retail outlets around the lower 48.  In 2007 we purchased a small processing facility to gain greater control over the quality of our salmon.  Eight years later we became the proud owners of the historic Dry Bay plant in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, along the bank of the iconic Alsek River.  As we move forward through each unique season we find ourselves drawn ever deeper into the richness of the gift that is salmon.


The Fishermen

Adventurous by nature, observant and meticulous by necessity, this diverse group of men and women all share a passion for fishing.  Whether dodging icebergs the size of refrigerators or defending their catch from hungry seals and bears, they are dedicated professionals - dedicated to bringing in the finest catch possible while respecting the resource and looking out for each other.

 Cheers to the Fishermen!



You?  Yeah, you!   Why are you here?

You may be a chef/artist seeking the very best ingredients for your creations.

You may be feeling alone and lonely having wandered the endless aisles searching for authenticity.

You may be a "money where your mouth is" conservationist who understands one of the best ways to support Wild Salmon is to eat one.

Maybe you just want darn good salmon for you and your friends....

Whomever you are:

Welcome!  There is always room at our table.