Why are we doing this?

You gotta do something...right?


  We do this because it is seriously fun...and  demoralizing and exhilarating and real!

We believe a life well-lived is a life actively engaged, preferably with the Natural World.

We live to host the party, to share the love and love the share.  The active participation of all stakeholders is what fuels our fire. 

 By collaborating with others interested in bringing the real and living aspects of this world into their lives, we connect.  

This is what crystallizes the vision.

Our quest for a wild life led us to wild Alaskan salmon. Spending most of their lives out in the great north Pacific, processing sunlight into protein, salmon offer themselves up yearly; each a little ambassador that connects people to the natural world. 

 We are but a conduit.  Have a bite of the vast, mysterious, deep blue sea while you still can.